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We Proudly Present Allback Linseed Oil Products - Paint Stripping Products, Tools & Wide Range of Professional Services

We offer products and services ranging from organic Allback Linseed Oil Paint and Products, Tools, Professional Paint Stripping Services for our valuable customers aiming perfect & environment-friendly painting and paint stripping on their premises.

We provide the most efficient paint stripping solutions and distribute Allback Linseed Oil Products directly from our main warehouse in Sydney to your door, no matter where you live! Our all-inclusive Australia wide delivery service is available at the cheapest rates online, so shop with us at our expansive online paint, tools & services store and save significant amounts on your purchase. We handle the largest volumes and provide stock availability.

Featured products

Allback Linseed Oil Paint

Binder:Boiled cold pressed, cleaned and sterilized linseed oil from Sweden
Thin with:If necessary, thin with max 5 % linseed-oil
VOC:<5mg/L. Nothing evaporates from the paint
Application:Apply thin coats with natural brush
Cover:15-20 m² per litre, depending on surface
Clean-up:Linseed Soap and water
Drying time:Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.

Allback Linus Interior Wall Paint

Binder:Boiled, cleaned and sterilized linseed oil, cellulose and bees wax
Thin with:If neccessary add max 30 % water
Application:Add water only if necessary, use roller or brush
Cover:10 m² per litre, depending on surface and tool.
Clean-up:Linseed Soap and water
Drying time:Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.
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Allback Boiled Linseed Oil

Boiled Linseed Oil for diluting paint, and for maintaining painted surfaces.

Warning: Thoroughly wash all rags you use to apply the oils, putty or wax to ensure they don't self-ignite as they dry.

$30.00 $26.00

Allback Linseed Soap

Linseed Soap for all cleaning purposes-workshop, laundry, household and personal, as well as industrial rust protection, stain removal and paintbrush cleaning. This soap can be used like industrial pink hand cleaner for workshop purposes also.

Used as an organic cleaning solution similar to 'pink' hand cleaner found in workshops.


Silent Paint Remover - Speed Heater

Silent Paint Remover (Speed Heater) is used and favoured by Allback in their own workshop in Sweden for removing old paint, varnish, and glue. It is fast, efficient, and safe, heating from the inside out and minimizing lead vapours and dust. It is built on Swedish design principles: high-quality and totally functional with no unnecessary parts. The Silent Paint Remover is designed for hand-held use, but the threaded attachment points at either end of the unit allow for a wide range of creative hands-free options.

The Silent Paint Remover uses infrared rays to warm paint and wood for easy stripping. The process is safe with no lead fumes and clean with little paint dust. The resulting wood surface is bare and immediately ready for priming and painting. No other paint removal method can achieve these high-quality results with so few steps. The infrared rays bring the natural wood resins back up to the wood surface to rejuvenate it. This method also reduces the risk of fire, environmental damage, and clean up time.

$428.00 $437.00

Trade Strip Paint and Varnish Removers

Trade Strip Paint and Varnish Removers are ideal for use on all types of surfaces including wood (hard and soft) – Marble – Stone – Brick – Concrete – Plaster – Ceramic Tiles – UPVC – GRP – Aluminium, Brass and other soft metals. Suitable for use around people with respiratory problems such as asthma sufferers – Working wet system, ideal for removal of lead-based paints – No “R” (Risk) or “S” (Safety) phrases.

Water-based – “Tough not toxic” – Non Hazardous – Non Toxic 

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