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Allbäck Linseed Oil Products

Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint should be used in instances where health and air quality are of concern.

Allback Linseed Oil Products

"Lindseed Oil Paint For Future Generations"

 Allbäck Lindseed oil paint products are 100% organic, resistant to harsch conditions, environmentally friendly and do not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds which separate us from the rest of the paint products.

Founded in Sweden in 1982, Allbäck combines knowledge of centuries-old European craft traditions with modern manufacturing methods to make products from high-quality natural ingredients.  

Linseed oil has been used in Swedish building maintenance since the 16th century and we have combined old European knowledge with modern production technology and developed a completely new generation of linseed oil products, everything from linseed oil to linseed oil paint, linseed wax and linseed oil putty.

As Sydney Paint Warehouse, we specialise in Allbäck Linseed oil products ranging from proffesional advice and sales to providing painting services specific to Allbäck Lindseed Oil Paint products.

Our all-inclusive Australia wide delivery service is available at the cheapest rates online, so shop with us at our expansive online paint, tools & services store and save significant amounts on your purchase. We handle the largest volumes and provide stock availability.

Regardless of whether it is the classic castle Chateau de Versailles, France or Amalienborg in Copenhagen, they have one thing in common, they are renovated with Allbäck's linseed oil products.  

Our natural, organic, chemical-free paints can be used around children and pets the home or in hospitals and public structures. Anywhere where irritating odours and harmful VOCs play havoc with allergies, asthma and can contribute significantly to general health issues like headaches, nausea and breathing irritations.

These long lasting, natural linseed oil paints and waxes are easy to apply and maintain. They are user-friendly, especially as they contain no solvents or other toxic or volatile chemicals and no smell. Allbäck natural organic linseed oil paint is cost-effective, safe to apply and easy to maintain. 

Allbäck Linseed Oil products are suitable for interior and exterior use, floors, ceilings and walls in homes, hospitals, historic buildings, commercial buildings and industry, they are an absolutely safe alternative to plastic, latex and enamel paints.

Made from Swedish, cold-pressed, cleaned, filtered, sterilised, well-matured, cooked linseed oil. This approach is in harmony with REACH – the EU’s latest environmental legislation and our products have been emissions tested and approved by the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the Swedish National Heritage Board and Environmental Evaluation of Building Products.

Our product offering extends to include:


Allbäck Linseed Oil Paint contains no solvents and consist only of cleaned, sterilised linseed oil and natural pigments. Linseed Oil is 100% natural material and when sterilised and cleaned correctly will provide the basis for paint products of high technical features, excellent drying time, competitive cost and most importantly remove nasty odours and VOC's associated with plastic and alkyd paint products.

Not only is Allbäck a healthy paint alternative, it also stands up in a performance and technical perspective to synthetic paint products.


Allback Products

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Allback Linseed Oil Paint

Binder:Boiled cold pressed, cleaned and sterilized linseed oil from Sweden
Thin with:If necessary, thin with max 5 % linseed-oil
VOC:<5mg/L. Nothing evaporates from the paint
Application:Apply thin coats with natural brush
Cover:15-20 m² per litre, depending on surface
Clean-up:Linseed Soap and water
Drying time:Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.

Allback Linus Interior Wall Paint

Binder:Boiled, cleaned and sterilized linseed oil, cellulose and bees wax
Thin with:If neccessary add max 30 % water
Application:Add water only if necessary, use roller or brush
Cover:10 m² per litre, depending on surface and tool.
Clean-up:Linseed Soap and water
Drying time:Approximately 24 hours at room temperature. Ventilate well.
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Allback Boiled Linseed Oil

Boiled Linseed Oil for diluting paint, and for maintaining painted surfaces.

Warning: Thoroughly wash all rags you use to apply the oils, putty or wax to ensure they don't self-ignite as they dry.

$30.00 $26.00

Allback Fire Place Paint Black

Allback Fire Place Paint is solvent-free and can be used on any surface that becomes very hot. When black linseed oil paint becomes too hot, the pigment can burn and turn brown. Allback Fireplace Paint is made with graphite pigment, which remains black regardless of temperature.

Comes in 200 mL glass jar.

Made in Sweden.


Allback Linseed Oil Wax

Allback Linseed Oil Wax is made from boiled coldpressed Swedish linseed-oil and beeswax. Use as a surface protector on unpainted, varnished or painted wooden surfaces. It is easy to apply with a sponge or cloth. The surface should be clean and dry.

Use a foam rubber sponge or strong coarse cloth. Wipe off any excess after 20 minutes. Wait 2 hours then Polish the surface with a cloth.

Warning: Thoroughly wash all rags you use to apply the oils, putty or wax to ensure they don't self-ignite as they dry.


Allback Linseed Putty

Linseed Putty for glazing and filling cracks in timber.

Our linseed oil putty is made from cold pressed raw cleaned and sterilized linseed oil and chalk. The putty is used for puttying windows and for filling in cracks and holes in wood. The putty should be regarded as perishable goods, but can be kept for up to one year in a sealed container. If the putty becomes hard, warm the whole package for a few seconds on full effect in a microwave oven and then knead the putty until smooth on a cold surface. Can be deep-frozen for long-term storage. Paint Shellac on all wooden surfaces that will come in direct contact with putty. You can paint direct with Allbäck Paint or after 24 hours.

Warning: Thoroughly wash all rags you use to apply the oils, putty or wax to ensure they don't self-ignite as they dry.


Allback Linseed Soap

Linseed Soap for all cleaning purposes-workshop, laundry, household and personal, as well as industrial rust protection, stain removal and paintbrush cleaning. This soap can be used like industrial pink hand cleaner for workshop purposes also.

Used as an organic cleaning solution similar to 'pink' hand cleaner found in workshops.


Allback Linseed Soap Extra

Linseed Soap Extra strength solution, with borax and ethanol, for cleaning paintwork, metal, plastic & glass before painting. It can be used in place of 'sugar soap'.

Please Note: This product contains borax and ethanol. For more information please download the Material Safety Data Sheet available.


Allback Manganese Siccative

Allback Manganese Siccative helps the linseed oil paint dry faster.